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JBR WEEKEND 06.01-08.01.2023.

Countdown to the weekend when the Jingle Bell Rox closes down until next winter! Be sure to come to have an unforgettable adventure on the Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel's terrace for the weekend of January 6th - 8th and enjoy an open-air ice rink, savory dishes, sweet bites, wine, special, traditional drinks and music program for all generations.

DJ, producer and musician from Rijeka, Deni Miočić, will cover the highlights of the evening of January 6th.

Mario Huljev, one of the best male vocalists in Croatia, former frontman and lead singer of Headoneast, will show his unique vocal color and a phenomenal improvisation skill on January 7th. Enjoy "Ne znam gdje sa sobom", "Idemo", "Vozi me nježno" and many other hits.

Music that you love - Febra band you're gonna adore. Great quartet with a fantastic vocal Tena Bevčar. Enjoy live retro and modern music on Sunday, January 8th, from 16:00 h.