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Meet the Roxanich Winery @ “Malvasia and Friends” gathering and experience the exclusive wine selection from the best international wineries on May 8th, 2023 from 16:30 - 22:00 h in the Ristorante Montecarlo in the Via S. Marco 10, Trieste, Italy.

Ristorante Montecarlo & Best Forever Organizescion organize the 5th edition of “Malvasia and Friends” gathering. Roxanich will present the magnificent proposition of long aged, rare, natural wines from ancient Venetian lands and sample tastings exclusively for the visitors of the Ristorante Montecarlo.

The Roxanich collections are an experience for all the senses. Discover the grape varieties, savor the aromas, see the multitude of colors and hear it speak to you of distant times and beautiful places.

The Roxanich Winery will present 2 wine labels in the Ristorante Montecarlo:

The Roxanich Lara 1/6 2012 is not a wine for conventional minds - it’s a pioneer of long macerated, natural orange wines - made by macerating the grape variety Malvasia Istriana.

The most first, and later the wine, featuring skin contact of up to 6 months in large wooden vats. Following this prolonged maceration, the wine is then reracked in wooden vats for careful ageing, before it reaches an immaculate condition for being bottled in that particular moment.

Our own interpretation of long macerated Malvasia Istriana, named for Mladen’s first daughter, is here to raise awareness for honest and natural winemaking.

The Roxanich Montona 2018 is our full-hearted welcome to the worlds of the Malvasia Istriana grape and macerated white wines.

Unlike many of the “fresh style” Malvasia Istriana, Roxanich`s interpretation is more a wine alike, profound and arguably authentic expression of the classic Malvasia Istriana.

The Roxanich Montona is fresh and macerated from a few hours to a few days, subject to vintage, and has no extreme skin contact duration.