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Meet the Roxanich Winery @ Orange Wine Festival Izola/Isola and experience the exclusive natural wine selection from the best international wineries on April 28th, 2023 from 14:00 - 21:00 h in the Manzioli Square, Izola/Isola, Slovenia. The Orange Wine Festival® is an extensive presentation of sustainably produced white macerated (orange) wines. The wine presentation will be supplemented by delicacies authored by caterers and producers sharing the same philosophy and the positive attitude towards nature and environment.

Over the past decade the festival in Izola (Slovenia) and Vienna (Austria) has followed and generated the development and growing interest in orange wines. Along with Georgia, the ancestral home of wines, the North Adriatic and Central Europe is one of the most important areas of wine production. The Orange Wine Festival will outline trends in production in this niche of winemaking, that are both an important indicator for sustainable production as well as for attracting new wine lovers who are committed to sustainable wines.

The Roxanich collections are an experience for all the senses. Discover the grape varieties, savor the aromas, see the multitude of colors and hear it speak to you of distant times and beautiful places. The Roxanich Winery will present 4 wine labels in the Orange Wine Festival Izola/Isola:

The Roxanich Rovigno 2016, an assemblage of a light and young character with refreshing energy, coming out of the bottle in golden nuances, is arguably the superstar of the entire First Roses range.

Three varietals of Malvasia Istriana, Pinot Blanc, and Chardonnay are macerated and spontaneously fermented to embody the sun, the land, and the soul of Istria in a dry, soft and velvety white with pears flavors, dried fruit stones, a scent of nuts, minerality, and a hint of white pepper.

The Roxanich Lara 1/6 2012 is not a wine for conventional minds - it’s a pioneer of long macerated, natural orange wines - made by macerating the grape variety Malvasia Istriana.

The most first, and later the wine, featuring skin contact of up to 6 months in large wooden vats. Following this prolonged maceration, the wine is then reracked in wooden vats for careful ageing, before it reaches an immaculate condition for being bottled in that particular moment.

Our own interpretation of long macerated Malvasia Istriana, named for Mladen’s first daughter, is here to raise awareness for honest and natural winemaking.

Another unique, long-macerated, orange Chardonnay - another of Mladen’s atypical interpretations of the classic. The Roxanich Sara 3/6 2010 may be our most up-front wine: from the nose to the palate, Sara will overwhelm with her gorgeous amber hue and complex aromas of nutmeg, almonds and jasmine.

A single taste explodes with freshness, citrus and minerality, with an unexpected directness, all riding a generous and full body. Rich, elegantly tannic and with a viscous texture, the Roxanich Sara 3/6 hits hard from the first sip and leaves with a long, nutty aftertaste.

The Roxanich Zara 5/6 2011 is a complex and intricately-layered wine that continues to change and evolve over the course of the evening: a field blend of not less than seven grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Vermentino, Glera, Friulano and Riesling Italico.

The Roxanich Zara 5/6 retains the original fruitiness of the grape, but pleasantly surprises the palate with some hearty richness of secondary aromas, as result of up to 90 days contact with original tannins extracted out of the skin and pips of the grapes. The wine is bottled without clarification or stabilization, after up to nine years of careful ageing in wooden vats, barrels and giaras.