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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of natural wines and meet the Roxanich Winery @ RAW WINE Berlin 2022 among 100+ winemakers from all over the world. We will present a selection of our long aged, rare natural wines from the Sorelle range exclusively for the visitors of the RAW WINE fair on November 27th 2022, from 10:00 to 19:00 h.

RAW WINE is a celebration of some of the best natural wine labels in the world, producing natural, organic and biodynamic wines, with few if any additives in the cellar. These winemakers are pure, kind to the planet, very possibly better for your health, and best of all, absolutely delicious.

The RAW WINE fair is leading the charge for transparency. The organizers believe that in an ideal wine world any processing and additives will be clearly communicated to the drinker, so that you know exactly what is in your glass.

RAW WINE is a first step in this direction – they list all additives and processing on both the website and the fair catalogue. The organizers are proud to be leading the way. The RAW WINE fair is committed to empowering all wine drinkers through real, informed choice. It is about truth, authenticity and frank wine talking, but most of all it is about showcasing really good wine.

The Sorelle range is dedicated to Mladen’s six daughters. Serious yet thoughtfully aged, the Sorelle range continues Mladen’s tradition of macerated and spontaneously fermented wines, reflecting the sun, land, breath and soul of Istria in white and red. Our natural, orange, long macerated whites and reds. Deep amber in color, dry and full-bodied and irresistibly fresh, however you dress these wines - what’s underneath will surprise you.

We will present 5 wine labels from the Sorelle range in the RAW WINE Berlin 2022 fair:

The Roxanich Lara 1/6 2012 is not a wine for conventional minds - it’s a pioneer of long macerated, natural orange wines - made by macerating the grape variety Malvasia Istriana.

The most first, and later the wine, featuring skin contact of up to 6 months in large wooden vats. Following this prolonged maceration, the wine is then reracked in wooden vats for careful ageing, before it reaches an immaculate condition for being bottled in that particular moment.

Our own interpretation of long macerated Malvasia Istriana, named for Mladen’s first daughter, is here to raise awareness for honest and natural winemaking.

Mladen Rožanić’s persistent wish to combine the hitherto incompatible varieties from the two largest Croatian peninsulas, Istria and Pelješac, resulted in the Roxanich Petra 2/6 wine. It embodies very much his idea of “different but alike”. The two most popular Croatian red varieties, the Plavac Mali grapes from the location of Dingač and the ancient Istrian grape of Teran, are blended together in one wine for the first time in history.

This rich red wine reflects the full character of Petra Rožanić, our family artist (who, though too modest to say so herself, also painted the new Roxanich wine labels).

Another unique, long-macerated, orange Chardonnay - another of Mladen’s atypical interpretations of the classic. The Roxanich Sara 3/6 2011 may be our most up-front wine: from the nose to the palate, Sara will overwhelm with her gorgeous amber hue and complex aromas of nutmeg, almonds and jasmine.

A single taste explodes with freshness, citrus and minerality, with an unexpected directness, all riding a generous and full body. Rich, elegantly tannic and with a viscous texture, the Roxanich Sara 3/6 hits hard from the first sip and leaves with a long, nutty aftertaste.

The Roxanich Zara 5/6 2011 is a complex and intricately-layered wine that continues to change and evolve over the course of the evening: a field blend of not less than seven grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Vermentino, Glera, Friulano and Riesling Italico.

The Roxanich Zara 5/6 retains the original fruitiness of the grape, but pleasantly surprises the palate with some hearty richness of secondary aromas, as result of up to 90 days contact with original tannins extracted out of the skin and pips of the grapes. The wine is bottled without clarification or stabilization, after up to nine years of careful ageing in wooden vats, barrels and giaras.

The Roxanich Tara 6/6 presents itself with exceptional clarity in the glass: an impressive red color with a brownish rim. The wine glorifies the spontaneity of childhood, leaving nobody indifferent.

Our artisanal red field blend made from Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Lambrusco, Barbera, Borgonja and Malvasia Nera, dedicated to Tara Rožanić, the youngest sister of six. Bottled without filtration after up to nine years of ageing in large wooden vats, giaras and barrels, the Roxanich Tara 6/6 is a gentle wine with a supreme balance of acids, tannins and alcohol.