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Spend a leisurely Saturday afternoon enjoying the Roxanich wines and music. Join us for an adventurous wine tasting @ Vinoteka Vintesa, and experience the First Roses collection on July 1st, 2023 in Zagreb, Vlaška 63 Street, from 14:00 to 17:00 h.

If you are in mood of opening your mind and senses, and ready for an exciting voyage of personal discovery, this is a unique opportunity to taste each wine by the glass for only 17 EUR.

Experience the amazing Roxanich First Roses collection of rare long aged natural wines, without pesticides, chemicals and additives.

From the Roxanich Montona 2018, fresh Malvasia Istriana macerated from a few hours to a few days, subject to vintage, and has no extreme skin contact duration, via the orgasmic Roxanich Rovigno 2016, white wine assemblage of a light and young character with refreshing energy, coming out of the bottle in golden nuances, to the Roxanich Draga 2018 which brings all the best of the Pinot Blanc grape, naturally fermented with indigenous yeasts, macerated for two days, maintaining its originality and terroir footprint while the Roxanich Mirna 2017, unusual yet conservative, is an exciting counterpoint to the traditional Sauvignon Blanc. The Roxanich Venezia 2019 represents pulsating life - an assemblage of indigenous and internationally known varieties such as Merlot, Teran, Refosco and Cabernet Sauvignon, each vinified sometimes as a single wine, sometimes jointly as a field blend, then assembled into a beautifully balanced red, and the Roxanich Portorose 2021, an elegant rosé for all seasons, is made out of the indigenous grape varieties Borgonja Istriana and Teran.