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Meet the Roxanich Winery @ Vinski grad Rijeka 2022 and experience the exclusive wine selection from the best Croatian wineries.

Roxanich will present its reinvented brand and sample tastings exclusively for the visitors of the Vinski grad Rijeka 2022 on September 8-25th, 2022 from 17:00 - 01:00 h at Trg Riječke rezolucije and Trg 128. brigade HV, Rijeka.

Vinski grad is summer wine festival created for non-professional visitors who are just discovering the world of wine and enjoying consuming it in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. A beautiful wine oasis where around 20 producers from all Croatian wine regions present their wine along with caterers who provide Croatian dishes and delicacies is made for enjoying. Entrance is free for all visitors.

The Roxanich collections are an experience for all the senses. Discover the grape varieties, savor the aromas, see the multitude of colors and hear it speak to you of distant times and beautiful places.

The Roxanich Winery will present 10 wine labels in the Vinski grad Rijeka 2022:

The Roxanich Lara 1/6 2012 is not a wine for conventional minds - it’s a pioneer of long macerated, natural orange wines - made by macerating the grape variety Malvasia Istriana.

The most first, and later the wine, featuring skin contact of up to 6 months in large wooden vats. Following this prolonged maceration, the wine is then reracked in wooden vats for careful ageing, before it reaches an immaculate condition for being bottled in that particular moment.

Our own interpretation of long macerated Malvasia Istriana, named for Mladen’s first daughter, is here to raise awareness for honest and natural winemaking.

Mladen Rožanić’s persistent wish to combine the hitherto incompatible varieties from the two largest Croatian peninsulas, Istria and Pelješac, resulted in the Roxanich Petra 2/6 wine. It embodies very much his idea of “different but alike”. The two most popular Croatian red varieties, the Plavac Mali grapes from the location of Dingač and the ancient Istrian grape of Teran, are blended together in one wine for the first time in history.

This rich red wine reflects the full character of Petra Rožanić, our family artist (who, though too modest to say so herself, also painted the new Roxanich wine labels).

Another unique, long-macerated, orange Chardonnay - another of Mladen’s atypical interpretations of the classic. The Roxanich Sara 3/6 2010 may be our most up-front wine: from the nose to the palate, Sara will overwhelm with her gorgeous amber hue and complex aromas of nutmeg, almonds and jasmine.

A single taste explodes with freshness, citrus and minerality, with an unexpected directness, all riding a generous and full body. Rich, elegantly tannic and with a viscous texture, the Roxanich Sara 3/6 hits hard from the first sip and leaves with a long, nutty aftertaste.

Marked by style so characteristic for Istrian wines, the Roxanich Bordo’ 2011 is distinguished by its sublime combination of power and elegance.

The word “Bordo’” stands for Merlot. In Venetian lands, “Bordo’” was mentioned in 1855 for the first time, describing a grape varietal arriving to Venice from the French Bordeaux region.

Bottled without filtration after long ageing in large wooden vats, barrels and giaras, the Roxanich Bordo’ doesn’t show its age, baring it very well. Fresh, featuring a balanced body in the palate with extremely fine and defined tannins, the Roxanich Bordo’ leaves the Merlot lover with a long finish characterized by its outstanding fragrant.

The SuperIstrian is Roxanich’s allegorical approach to the mythical Super Tuscans. Without any constraint, the winemaker Mladen Rožanić permitted himself to demonstrate what Bordelaise varietals in combination with indigenous ones could offer to the distinguished palate of a wine connoisseur.

On the other hand, the SuperIstrian was always meant to be a symbol for the personal and collective achievements of the people of Istria.

The Roxanich SuperIstrian 2013 is an assemblage of the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Borgonja grape varieties. The deep ruby- red SuperIstrian exudes a harmonious, fruity and floral aroma, violets, cherries and blueberries, with a hint of chocolate and black pepper in the finish.

The Roxanich Venezia 2019 is our tribute to “La Serenissima” - the historical Republic of Venetia, our ancestors, and our history. It was a turbulent time of constant change, and this is precisely how the Roxanich Venezia was born: with the idea to create a bottled history of our heritage.

An assemblage of indigenous and internationally known varieties such as Merlot, Teran, Refosco and Cabernet Sauvignon, each vinified sometimes as a single wine, sometimes jointly as a field blend, then assembled into a beautifully balanced red. Mladen’s idea was to show life in renaissance Venice - a wine rich with joy, dynamic and loaded with energy.

An elegant rosé for all seasons, the Roxanich Portorose is made out of the indigenous grape variety Borgonja Istriana.

The Roxanich Portorose is an entirely innovative expression of a rosé, giving its best to a distinctive gourmet palate, with an intense bright color illustrating nuances of rosehip, hibiscus and pomegranate. The wine offers intense and structured sips of an elegantly bodied variety of spicy and earthly aromas. One recalls notes of fresh raspberries, cranberries, strawberries with a hint of lavender.

Draga is a small Istrian river flowing through the countryside around the city of Buzet, along beautiful canyons and waterfalls. It brings love and water to fields of our divine Istrian truffles.

With the Roxanich Draga 2017 we try to frame this beauty with Pinot Blanc - a variety traditionally grown in West Istria since the days of Napoleon.

The Roxanich Draga brings all the best of the Pinot Blanc grape, naturally fermented with indigenous yeasts, macerated for two days, maintaining its originality and terroir footprint.

Unusual yet conservative, the Roxanich Mirna is an exciting counterpoint to the traditional Sauvignon Blanc. The name on the label is dedicated to Mirna, Istria’s longest river, flooding the Motovun forest - the cradle of Istrian white truffles.

It is an adventurous taste experience, quiet on one side with a long and rich finish on the other. Fermented with indigenous yeasts, the Mirna is macerated for a few days only, eventually delivering the drinking back to the taste of Sauvignon Blanc.

The Roxanich Mirna’s scents will guide you through a voyage of apples, wet leaf, hay and vanilla flower, while on the palate you will be offered the freshness of a Sauvignon Blanc paired with honeycombs and rosemary found in the minerality of this wine.

The Roxanich Montona 2018 is our full-hearted welcome to the worlds of the Malvasia Istriana grape and macerated white wines.

Unlike many of the “fresh style” Malvasia Istriana, Roxanich`s interpretation is more a wine alike, profound and arguably authentic expression of the classic Malvasia Istriana.

The Roxanich Montona is fresh and macerated from a few hours to a few days, subject to vintage, and has no extreme skin contact duration.