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Istria is Croatia's truffle capital, home to some of the world's finest truffles. The prized Istrian white truffle (Tuber magnatum pico) was discovered more than eighty years ago, and it has an exceptionally intense, pleasant aroma. As their name suggests, white truffles are a lot lighter in color than black truffles, though they turn darker as they age. As well as the highly prized white truffle, Istria is home to several different varieties of black truffle, all of which are some of the finest examples of the fungus in Europe. Truffles can be only found with the help of trained dogs or domestic pigs during a “truffle hunt”. Mildly flavored black truffles are found throughout the year, while white truffle only occurs between September and January.

Truffle Hunting in the Motovun Forest

The Motovun Forest, known for the truffles, rests not far from the Roxanich Winery & Design Hotel. With its rich limestone soil, perfect humidity and oak trees galore, the Mirna River valley which weaves through the Motovun forest harbors the ideal conditions for this most coveted of fungi to thrive. Truffle hunting is an educational course that teaches all about this underground mushroom, how to find it, dig it up and, ultimately, prepare it for dining. The hunting is led by professional truffle growers using trained dogs.

An Unforgettable Adventure with Vintage Defender

Explore the beautiful landscapes of central Istria from a refurbished Land Rover Defender, and experience truffle hunting in the Motovun forest. Accompanied by our guide, get to know the rich history of hidden gems of the Motovun region and enjoy a delicious picnic before sunset on the slopes of the Mirna valley.

Truffles in the Roxanich Restaurant

Truffles are a very highly prized culinary treat. A taste includes aromatic nutty and earthy notes, and they are known as a powerful aphrodisiac. Truffles are used in all sorts of recipes in the Roxanich restaurant. Delight your palate with scrambled eggs with Istrian black truffles for breakfast, and "pljukanci" pasta with truffles or other dishes with this culinary ambassador of Istria for lunch and dinner.