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Gastronomic Wine Bar where natural wine is a major star in Bucharest, Romania.

Gastronomic Wine Bar with a zest of French inspiration, a festive touch, and amazing wines. Vié offers a modern European gastronomic experience, inspired by the culinary traditions of Romania, and supported by an eclectic wine list from unique terroirs and passionate artisans. Together with the fine dining restaurants Tracé and Nellu in Paris, Vié is a part of the Groupe Tamara, owned by Andreea and Eric Barroca.

The Roxanich wines from Istria in Bucharest

Vie, pronounced [vie] or “vié“, means vineyard in Romanian (and also “alive”). Vié brings to Bucharesters an eclectic, tasty selection of high quality, craft and natural wine highlighting unique craft and terroirs from France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Central Europe. Vié has been already listed on RAISIN, the natural wine app that recommends an index of over 6,600 natural wine establishments and 2,800 natural winemakers, analyzed by their team and guaranteeing natural wine around the world.

The Vié's interior is decorated with pictures of the craft wine producers, captured by Andreea and Eric during their visits to various vineyards in Europe. The space exudes casual luxury.

Amazing natural wines - craft wines in Romania

"My feeling was that the appetite of young Romanians for elegant food and wine was not entirely fulfilled, so I brought our vision and know-how to contribute to a quality offer. We built Vié, a restaurant perfectly aligned with the Groupe Tamara's values and vision of hospitality", said Andreea Barroca.

"Natural wines do not exist in Bucharest at all. However, I prefer the term "craft wine" instead of natural wine, because it implies something more, the fact that we are talking about small producers, not industrial ones, making wine with minimal human intervention, free from sulphites, using indigenous yeast, and, above all, respecting nature. A craft wines are very well-made wines that have reached extraordinary maturity. I hope people will try them, give them a chance because they are really special wines that you can only find here. We want to slowly create awareness on the Romanian market of this type of wine", concludes Barroca.

The new Romanian cuisine you need to experience

An established name of the Romanian food scene, chef Cristina Malai, is preparing a creative, instinctive, seasonal and locally sourced tasting menu and à la carte menu to sublimate those delicious wines. She integrates international culinary cultures acquired during her travels in her cooking interpretations. In her 10 years career as a chef, Cristina honed her skills by participating in opening restaurants and implementing new concepts in Bucharest’s culinary scene.

Let wine breathe before you drink it

Vié offers a selection of rare, aged wines, whose qualities shine even more when allowed to breathe before being enjoyed. Depending on the wine, it could be from 4 to 48 h for the flavors to develop fully. Guests can book this unique experience of a wine bottle opening in advance.