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One of the top ten wine providers in Norway.

The Beverage Group is an established leading Nordic importer, representing some of the strongest brands in the market. With a close partnership with the producers, the group has gained significant competitive advantages and offer unmatched products to the monopolies in Sweden, Finland and Norway, as well as the HORECA-sector.

The Winepartners Norway, a part of the Beverage Group, started in 2013. The company sold over 1,5 million liters, and passed €11 million in turnover in 2022 placing themselves among the top ten wine providers to the Norwegian Monopoly that are 100% owned by its founders, with no attachment to any other group of investors or importers. No market is easy, but the Nordics are somewhat different due to the state-controlled monopolies regulating sales. In Norway, Vinmonopolet is a government-owned alcoholic beverage retailer and the only company allowed to sell beverages containing an alcohol content higher than 4.75%.

"Every year we win tenders, but that is not our focus. Our focus is on our few and right partners. And that makes all the difference. If you work with us, you are never another producer in a portfolio with a million SKUs", said Alfredo Ketterer, Managing Director Norway/Partner.

The company takes pride in fair business relations all through the supply chain, always being compliant with marketing rules and regulations. To be truly successful, the company builds long term relations, not only with the end consumer who love the wines, but also with the production- and logistics side. Striving for efficiency is a cost saver for all parts involved, not least for the environment. Therefore, the company constantly evaluates and improves the entire operation, with a strong focus in finding the best organic and environmentally sustainable products. The main part of the goods is transported by train to make the least possible environmental impact.