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Homa - fine dining restaurant in Belgrade, Serbia.

Master chef Filip Ćirić, Vlastimir Puhalo and Antonio Pasarela are partners in a project called Homa - for more than a decade they have been persistently following the idea of presenting traditional ingredients in a completely different, more refined way through modern cooking.

Hospitality person by profession, master chef Filip Ćirić was born in Pirot. He has lived and worked in Belgrade for more than 20 years. At a fairly young age, he opened up a restaurant named Eklektika. He was ahead of his time, and there were very few of those who have recognized Filip’s philosophy at that time. The New York Times was one of them though.

During the work in one of the Belgrade’s restaurants, Filip met his current business partner Vlastimir Puhalo, with whom he opened restaurants Homa and Homa Bistrot a couple of years later. They wanted to build something different and contribute to a better city.

Fine-dining restaurant Homa stands out with its gleaming white minimalism. The restaurant is named after a mythical bird from Persian mythology that never lands on the ground, but constantly flies high in the sky.

In Homa, fine food is made by sophisticated processes and methods. The ingredients are sourced from Serbia and the surrounding area, mainly from the Adriatic. Homa stood out on the gastro scene when Filip started serving a tasting menu with wine and food pairings, which was a pioneering endeavor in Serbian gastronomy in that period.

Home featured in the 2021 Michelin guide, a first for Serbia. The initial selection of restaurants in Belgrade includes 14 venues, located in various spaces. For now, restaurants haven’t received any Michelin stars. However, 14 restaurants deserved the recommendations of Michelin inspectors, who evaluate restaurants based on the world criteria of the MICHELIN guide, with the aim of providing the best recommendations to gastronomes around the world.

MICHELIN Guide’s Point of View

“It might be located in the historic Dorćol quarter, but Homa has a thoroughly modern look and feel. Sit on the leafy terrace in the day or in the intimately lit restaurant at night. Creative cooking has subtle Italian influences; go for the surprise tasting menu. Orange, natural and biodynamic wines feature.”