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Intimate entry-level fine dining restaurant, café and bar in Berlin, Germany.

Café Frieda, an all-day hang out location where you can drink natural wine and eat snacks while listening to great music, is owned and managed by the chef Ben Zviel and sommelier Samina Amy Raza, who also run the restaurant Mrs Robinson’s, both located near Helmholtzplatz in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg. Stepping inside this 3-in-1 café, restaurant and bar is like immersing yourself in a melting pot of dining and drinking cultures.

Walk-ins here are welcome: groups are offered front-row seats by the open kitchen while lone diners can immerse themselves in more secluded seating to enjoy the impressive hi-fi system that pays homage to Tokyo’s audiophile listening bars.

Offering entry-level fine dining, Frieda serves a line-up of dishes that fuse East and West in a way that suits all tastes. Café Frieda partner with farmers who prioritize biodiversity and work in truly sustainable ways, not just for the short-term, but to plan for the future.

The owners experiment with traditional processes and give ancient techniques a fresh look, to create the bold flavors they love from unexpected ingredients. They cook natural food, without industrial preservatives, coloring or additives.

They are uncompromising on the quality and sourcing of the products they use, focusing solely on local and seasonal ingredients. All ingredients come from woodland, gardens, the partner farmers or fishermen. The menu follows the seasons, celebrating what produce can be found throughout the year.

Ben and Samina have a deep respect for craftsmanship, and the wine selection explores the delicate skill and ancestral wisdom that can elevate pure grape juice into something magical.

“I want to delight people with the highest quality of product in a fun, easygoing and loud atmosphere”, said Samina.

Nature exists in cycles. Plants become food. Food becomes compost. Compost feeds the plants. Ben and Samina aim to be a part of this circular process, by using less of everything, making multiple uses of what they have and re-purposing the waste mindfully.

Ben and Samina aim to always search for new ideas, imagining themselves in a constant process of growth, learning and development.