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An unconventional Two-Michelin-starred restaurant in Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany.

Fenced in by a wrought-iron garden fence entwined with vines, the Horváth restaurant is located in the middle of the lively Kreuzberg district on the Landwehrkanal. Along the lively Paul-Lincke-Ufer are numerous restaurants, cafés and small shops. A young, creative scene characterizes the district, which is known beyond national borders for its multicultural atmosphere. Here, Sebastian Frank and his team serve creative dishes that are an essence of Austrian country cuisine.

The Austrian Sebastian Frank has been behind the cooker of the traditional Austrian restaurant since 2010. He earned his first star in the Michelin Guide in 2011. After he and his partner Jeannine Kessler took over the restaurant in 2014, they and their team were delighted to receive their second star in November 2015. Since then, the trained hotel manageress Jeannine has been running the business. In addition to their business, both have been involved since 2016 as co-initiators in the non-profit association "Die Gemeinschaft" (The Community) and are committed to a responsible approach to food and its producers.

Horváth is a restaurant with tradition. The walls are steeped in history; after all, restaurants have been located in these rooms for almost 100 years. The address became famous when the Austrian philosopher and writer Oswald Wiener founded the "Exil" in 1973, which quickly became a hotspot for artists and cultural workers at the time. Here, people feasted and laughed, philosophized and drank, and anyone who sits in the room with the old wooden panels immediately senses that Kreuzberg nights can be very long...

In the course of an extensive renovation in 2021, the guest rooms and the kitchen were renovated. A mural by Jim Avignon, which had been covered up since 2004, was uncovered and extended by the artist himself. Even in earlier times in exile, art and culinary delights played a central role. The wood-paneled walls in the front restaurant area and candles create a warm atmosphere and friendly ambience. The simple elegance of the unconventional star restaurant contrasts well with the individual taste experiences at a high level.

Chef Sebastian Frank combines myriad textures and flavours in a modern twist on his country’s heritage dishes. Paired with a carefully chosen wine, alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks, this creative cuisine brings a whole new culinary experience.

"As a co-founder of the association "Die Gemeinschaft", I stand for the promotion of a regional trader network. The aim is to spread a new food awareness, a food culture that honors craftsmanship, protects resources, focuses on nature and where one is allowed to adopt a clear position", said Sebastian Frank.

MICHELIN Guide’s Point of View

"This location has been home to different restaurants for 100 years. Made famous by legendary artists' café-bar Exil, which was founded by Oswald Wiener in 1973, this address retains a certain aura to this day. Keeping pace with the times, your two hosts, Austrian-born Sebastian Frank and his partner Jeannine Kessler, preside over a newly renovated interior that includes a striking mural by Jim Avignon and draws attention to the artistic history of this location. In the kitchen, Sebastian Frank gives free rein to his own unique style, which is perhaps all the more remarkable for its apparent lack of fanfare. This is clean and pared-down cooking that puts high-quality ingredients center stage, often giving pride of place to vegetables. On top of all that, diners enjoy friendly, competent service and interesting wine recommendations."